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Core Scientific Creations was established specifically to develop cutting edge healthcare technologies. Our team is comprised of subject matter experts with more than a century of combined experience. Our sole mission is to ensure that healthcare providers around the world have the tools they need to improve patient care.

key featuresHow It Works

When WoundClot™ gauze is applied to the site of bleeding, it rapidly converts from a dry flexible gauze to a thick, tenacious, expanding 3D gel matrix. This stable, strong, and pliant gel structure enables rapid and stable hemostasis to be achieved utilizing multiple mechanisms of action.


WoundClot™’s 3D gel matrix absorbs up to 2,500% of its weight in blood and remains actively absorbent for up to 24 hours.


WoundClot™’s 3D gel matrix enables the concentration of platelets, red blood cells, and clotting factors, creating an environment conducive to clotting.


WoundClot™’s pliant 3D gel matrix adheres to surrounding tissues in the wound and will not be dislodged by patient movement, wound manipulation, or high-pressure bleeding.


“WoundClot™’s advanced functional molecular groups stimulate the coagulation process by converting Plasma Thromboplastin Antecedent or PTA (XI) and Hageman (XII) clotting factors from inactive to active (XIa and XIIa).” To WoundClot™’s advanced functional molecular groups stimulate the coagulation process, enabling rapid and stable hemostasis to be achieved.

latest productsProduct Lines

Below mentioned is the list of products we have available for our customers to choose from as per their requirements.

A Powerful Combination ofSCIENCE AND NATURE

WoundClot™ is a ready-to-use advanced hemostatic gauze made from cellulose, a natural fber product. WoundClot™ is the only non-oxidized, non-regenerated cellulose structure (NONRCS) product in the world. When WoundClot™ contacts blood, it converts into a thick, tenacious, expanding gel, adhering to wound surfaces to stop bleeding fast.


Unlike expensive kaolin and silica-based hemostatic gauze that may cause rebleeding when removed WoundClot™ is value-priced, creates a stable clot, and does not cause rebleeding when removed.

  • Hemostatic gauze indicated for mild, moderate, and severe bleeding
  • No need to compress or pack to be efective
  • Value-priced
  • Does not leach kaolin or shed silica particles into the bleeding site
  • Bioresorbable
  • WoundClot™ Hemostatic Gauze
  • Oxidized Regenerated Cellulose (ORC) based Hemostatics
  • Prolonged resorption profile
  • Kaolin-based Hemostatic Gauze
  • Silica-based Hemostatic Gauze
  • Chitosan based Hemostatics

A Versatile Solution Across The Full Spectrum Of Bleeding Control Needs

From nosebleeds to gunshot wounds…  WoundClot hemostatic gauze is engineered
to be efective in the management of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding in surgical procedures as well as postoperative and donor-site bleeding.

Cardiovascular Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery



Interventional Medicine

Post Hemodialysis Bleeding

Emergency Room

Wound Care



Where To UseMarket Served

EMS & Fire Rescue
Law Enforcement

advantagesWoundClot™ Advantages

WoundClot™ comes with multiple advantages which makes it stand out from other products in the market


WoundClot™ is unique in its versatility. It can be used in ALL bleeding situations from minor cuts and abrasions to major traumatic wounds.

Fast & Effective

WoundClot™ activates immediately upon contact with blood stops bleeding FAST!


Easy to use! Minimal instruction needed for proper application of WoundClot™.


Poses No risk to medics, causes no pain. It’s non-oxidative material does not causes any thermal injury compare to other available product with same purpose

Efficient & Valuable

WoundClot™ not only efficiently stops bleeding but it was created to benefit patients and health care providers worldwide. 

Inexpensive & cost effective

Fast hemostat avoid further complication due to blood loss.


Dummy Content Fast hemostat avoid further complication due to blood loss.

Longest expiry

WoundClot™ has longest expiry compare to other available product with same purpose


WoundClot™ is flexible enough to apply any wound and easily removed without any trace 

Effective under any condition

WoundClot™ is extremely functional and stable under temperature from -10 degree to 40 degree Celsius, and easy to use under austere condition-low vision, wind, rain.

WoundClot™ | Advance Bleeding Control