Product Lines

WoundClot™ Veterinarian

WoundClot™ Veterinarian is a next-generation hemostatic gauze indicated for the control of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding.

WoundClot™ Hemodialysis Twin Pack

WoundClot™ is a next generation hemostatic gauze, engineered to be effective in temporary management of mild, moderate, and severe bleeding. Our innovative Twin Pack features 2 pieces of 5 cm x 5 cm (2”x 2”) WoundClot™ hemostatic gauze. This enables providers to effectively control post hemodialysis bleeding or post procedure bleeding in interventional medicine.

WoundClot™ Pre-Hospital Trauma

WoundClot™ Trauma Gauze is a next-generation hemostatic gauze intended for bleeding control of traumatic wounds, including moderate to severe bleeding. For use by trained emergency responders.

WoundClot™ Surgical

WoundClot™ Surgical is a bioabsorbable CE Class III Implantable hemostatic effective in the management of capillary, venous, and arterial bleeding during surgical procedures. WoundClot™ Surgical has the fastest resorption profile on any hemostatic available today. On average, WoundClot™ Surgical is broken down and absorbed by the body in 7-14 days. By comparison, other surgical hemostatics can have extended resorption profiles lasting as much as 40+ days. WoundClot™ Surgical is the world’s only Non-Oxidized, Non-Regenerated Cellulosic Structure (NONRCS) Hemostatic.

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